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保阪 栄美子 個展


2023年10月24日(火)− 10月29日(日)

13:00〜19:00  (最終日のみ17:00まで)

保阪 栄美子/Emiko Hosaka             @7emitii


1987年 東京生まれ




本展は偶然性を追求したminimal artと記憶に残したい色や空気感を感じられる、5年ぶりの個展です。画像だけでは味わえない絵画の魅力をお楽しみください。





2018.「保阪 栄美子展」Art Space RONDO



2021. Salon Art Shopping Paris 2021 (Paris)

2020. Independent Tokyo 2020 (Tokyo)

2020. 2020 Busan Annual Market of Art (Busan)

2019. UNKNOWN ASIA 2019 (Osaka)




2021. 榛名湖アーティスト・レジデンス






1987 Born in Tokyo.

I'm doing painting work on the theme of richness of space.All the time was a miracle trapped at that time.Happiness and time are abundant.


Solo exhibition

2018."Emiko Hosaka exhibition."    Art Space RONDO.


Art fair

2021."Salon Art Shopping Paris 2021"  Le Carrousel Du Louvre Paris

2020.”Independent Tokyo 2020”  Tokyo Portcity Takeshiba 2F  Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center  Hamamatsuchokan.

2020. "2020 Busan Annual Market of Art "  Busan Exhibition & Convention center 

2019."UNKNOWN ASIA 2019"  Knowledge Capital Congrès Convention Center , Grand Front Osaka


Prize and Other

FACE2022 Selected, Sompo Museum of Art.

2021. Lake Haruna Artist Residence.

Tokyo Wonder Seed 2016 Selected, Tokyo wonder site Shibuya.

Tokyo Wonder Seed 2015 Selected, Tokyo wonder site Shibuya.



Musashino Art University.

Bunka Fashion College. Nippon Beauty Academy.

どこから来て行くの / Oil painting  1303×1940mm 2021

minimal art 2021_mini. /  Oil Painting   530×410mm    2021

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